Noordhoff is the biggest educational publishing company in the Netherlands. Together with Annie Made It, the goal was clear: create online learning material in which kids from groups 4 to 8 go through a crazy story trying to solve all kinds of different challenges using objects that they took in their bag.

The design and animations were all done using stock photos together with doodles and drawings. This made this a challenging project as some things that were made up in the story, did not exist. There are 6 challenges for each group which means there are ~36 animations like shown below.

In this project you'll see a small grasp of multiple animations and stills from different challenges.

Some clips of seperate stories

Animated bike rig

Stills of one challenge

Character rigs


Annie Made It
Anton Idema, Josh Lubben
Anton Idema, Hugo Visser
Ferdinand Assenberg, Hugo Visser