Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS) is a non-profit, European artist only, showcase festival and music conference. ESNS attracts over 4.000 professional delegates, including 400 international festivals and showcases around 350 european artists with over 40.000 visitors total.

ESNS and Annie Made It teamed up to do all the animating assets for ESNS + MMETA's social media, live events, video's (including .mogrt setups for editors to use), interactive media walls and much more. Together with Lisa Sportel, designer of the ESNS identity, I've animated a lot of material. To make things easier for the editors at ESNS, I've also created several .mogrt files in which all color combinations could be selected with one click on the button.

Below you'll see a grasp of the work that was done.

All possible color combinations in which the .mogrt files and other animation files had to be made.

ESNS: Instagram posts confirmation posts developed in all colors

ESNS: Intro & lower thirds, developed in .mogrts with all color combinations

MMETA: Instagram stories

During the event there was a live event hosted by Melanie C. This event was hosted in a virtual space developed by the Nite Hotel. I've developed a video wall that had to be looped during the show as shown on the screenshot on the left.

MMETA: A video wall that was being looped within a virtual online space

MMETA: Google ads also developed in other formats