ROC Nijmegen encountered difficulties in effectively communicating with their students. To overcome this challenge, we created a comprehensive video identity and social media designs that were customized to their specific requirements. Our primary objective was to establish a flexible framework that could be effortlessly utilized by the editors at ROC Nijmegen. To accomplish this, we developed .mogrt files that are intuitive and provide a variety of options to choose from. Next that that we've developed a guide for the video editors to use. These easy to use tools help ROC Nijmegen get a cohesive identity on their channels.

In addition, we created two formats that serve to both educate and entertain new students. Below, you can see a glimpse of developed work.

Say What?!

In Say What?! we collaborate with students who serve as the host and present questions to other students at ROC Nijmegen. The host will be equipped with a board that displays the termstatement of the episode. The host will present this board to the other students and they'll respond to this.

Say What?! is developed for distribution on TikTok and Instagram reels, where it can convey the substantive information in a concise and engaging format within a short period of time.

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An episode of Say What?! for Instagram reels

Maak de Toekomst

"Maak de toekomst" is a content format consisting of short, personal videos featuring young former students of ROC Nijmegen sharing their work experiences. The videos are accessible and offer a glimpse into the future for each study offered by ROC Nijmegen. The goal of the format is to provide inspiration to mentors, young people, and parents in the phase of the study selection process. The format provides practical future scenarios to help the audience make a choice.

We've developed an intro, lower thirds and thumbnail package. These we're developed in .mogrts for editors to use.

.mogrt with various elements that could be changed

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Pilot with used mogrt files

ideo identity package

The video identity package is a comprehensive guide that provides the video editor of ROC Nijmegen with a wide range of materials to work with. The package includes lower thirds, station ID, midroll titles, intros, and much more, all delivered in mogrt files to allow for maximum flexibility. Although the framework is still being implemented, it is expected to result in a more cohesive and consistent video identity for ROC Nijmegen.

A collection of presets developed including: Thumbnail design, intro's, midroll titles, station ID, Youtube endsheet, videocall setups and many more.

mogrt development

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